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tv   [untitled]    February 20, 2012 10:48am-11:18am PST

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fall, there would be reimbursed. working solutions provides strong underwriting process, technical assistance and both of those have shown a great number for historical charge-offs which is 2.78 compared to 5% of other micro lenders. technical assistance, working solutions provides technical assistance to other clients before and after a loan is made. it provides every business before your presentation to the loan committee. once a client is approved the client receives five years of technical assistance. for the duration of the loan term working solutions and business analysts would follow that client quarterly and review their financial statements every two months. 60% of the technical assistance is delivered post-closing and
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that demonstrates the commitment to facilitating entrepreneurs' success. over 85% of boards remain in business for over five years compared to a standard 50% failure rate reported by the fda. we'll go about the revolving loan portfolio. there has been 20 businesses receiving loans from 25,000 to 50,000. it has created or retained 74 jobs. 17 new businesses start up in expansion of 11 existing businesses. moll recipients have graduated to conventional financing to 500,000 -- 5000 iadditional loans. -- lawns. existing and stirrups
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percentages. here are some of the businesses that have received the loans. of the 28 anything from caring services out of time, animal services, and children's toys, children's education, if you know 18 rapids, granola. and mission cheese and cake coquette. they create great wedding cakes. this shows the this tradition. it is distributed across san francisco. we still want more in improved such as the southeast sector and perhaps more in district 4 and 7. and this last slide is inspired
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by commissioner dwight about san francisco. out of the 283 here make their products in san francisco locally. and heliotrope provides men and women with skin-care and fragrances. that is the end of my presentation. i'm available for any questions you might have. >> i just want to thank you for the presentation. i am happy this is followed by recognition. during my time on the commission, i saw this program from inception. it was a critical time in our economy. this one piece that help people move forward and develop these business plans. of course i am going to support this.
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i am grateful we are -- workforce development is prioritizing this and putting this money aside. also would like to thank wells fargo for its contribution as well. as we talk about big policy, i would like to differentiate between bank policy and my community local bankers who can be incredibly helpful and wells has a very strong community banker presence in program -- and program here. i think there should be -- they should be commended for being so active in our community. and the only thing i can say is i wish it were to million dollars. it is quite a rate of success that micro lending with the right assistance and correct good underwriting camed demonstrate that kind of loan performance. that is really something. thank you.
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>> in either commissioner comments? i want to applaud and support your office that is giving to the city. i appreciate you being here tonight. it has been a long evening. congratulations for making it the distance. thank you. >> to have any public comment? -- do we have any public comment? seeing none, -- >> i move that we support this. >> second. >> roll call? >> moshin to support made by commissioner dwight. on that motion, commissioner clyde, aye, commissioner dooley, at aye, commissioner o'brien,
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aye, commissioner wiley, aye. president adams, aye. that motion passes 6-0. president adams: thank you. >> the handout. >> commissioners the next few items, items 11 and 12, we have heard these items prior. for item 11, -- >> let me call the item. this is discussion and possible action to make recommendations to the board of supervisors on board of supervisors years file no. 120084 planning code eating and drinking establishment definitions and controls. >> supervisors, we heard this
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under when this file was under supervisor mirkarimi and because he is no longer in office, supervisor wiener is carrying forward the legislation but he reintroduced it as a new piece of legislation. for the record, the commission is rehearing at again. there has been no changes from the first time the commission heard it. this is a pro-forma matter to have a commission -- the commission commit -- continue its recommendation under this file number. commissioner dooley: the one thing i am concerned about comes from my own district which is there is a cap on restaurant limited. we had such a huge amounts of retail coffee houses we have
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also had a lament and that category. i am concerned about that one issue which i would like to recommend. with this one request, which would be if an ncd has a specific reason for including a cap on restaurant limited that would be included in this. >> kimmie clarification? it was my understanding this did not preclude those specific neighborhood. >> my understanding is yes. the specific regulations would still be in effect. if -- we can have the planning department in response in terms
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of what that is going to look like for north beach under the old restaurant limited. >> i appreciate that when i am writing on page 4. what it says retain existing restaurant cap. i did not know of that was limited to restaurant definition or also to a restaurant limited. >> that should be clarified. >> that is silly thing and wanted to bring up. >> any other comments? >> i am prepared to support this. president adams: we have a any public comment? we have a motion? >> i move that we recommend approval of this legislation with the request to planning that in certain districts,
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commercial ncd's, if a restaurant limited had been included in their cap, that should be examined and allowed to continue under the restaurant cap. >> second. >> can we do that with the specifics? >> any ncd that had any cap on what will now be called restaurant limited. >> that was seconded by clyde. >> on that motion, will call. >> commissioner clyde, aye, commissioner dooley, aye, commissioner dwight, aye,
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commissioner raley, aye, president adams, aye, commissioners that passes 6-0. >> item 12. >> item 12, discussion of possible action to make recommendations to the board of supervisors. file 111247, planning code, permitting a 5 feet ground floor height increase in the 40x and 50x height and bulk districts in the nc3 zoning district along geary boulevard. >> again we heard this piece of legislation when it was another piece of legislation with supervisor mar when we heard some of the controls around geary boulevard. it was not -- there was a glitch
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in the agenda izing. this was separated so the other portion of the legislation could move forward. this is a supervisor mar making sure that portion of their original piece of legislation gets moved forward. the commission voted in full recommendation for this. >> commissioner comment? >> i would move to approve. >> public comment. president adams: do we have public comment? seeing none -- >> who is going with that one for second? recommending approval seconded by commissioner rally.
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roll-call vote? >> commissioners clybum aye, commissioner dooley, aye, commissioner dwight, aye, commissioner o'brien, aye, commissioner riley, the motion passes 6-0. >> we will go back to item 13. recognition of commissioners janet clyde and michael o'connor. >> as part -- director and the office, do you want to take a moment to recognize the commissioners? commissioner o'connor could not be here tonight. he had already planned a business meeting. he is in las vegas at the magic show which is a great place to be. so i wanted to take a moment to a knowledge him and his service for being on the commission for eight years. two of the years he was
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president of the commission. one of the years, vice- president. he representing the hospitality industry has brought value in terms of feedback, input and an exciting entrepreneurial spirit to the commission. during his commission he worked kia hours on legislative and policy matters including extensive work on the health care security ordinance on that advisory board with commissioner dwight. and that helped to boost our support and the need for having entities and promoting your local manufacturing. he leaves a legacy as a key step -- stakeholder. in his absence i want to spend -- take this time to thank him for his service. you're welcome to make any
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additional comments if you like to. [applause] >> for commissioner clyde, back down to the podium. >> this is a great opportunity. recently other commissioners have resigned but we have not had an opportunity to fully of knowledge their service at their
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last commission meeting. do you want to take this opportunity to thank you for your four years? supervisor chui hasbrouck to what you have provided but i wanted to express my appreciation for your leadership as the chair of the average committee and the creation of the employee recognition and program and the business recognition program but also as an office, we have established a program around disability access for our businesses and business community that no other city has. in the state of california. we're receiving significant recognition for that. i also wanted to acknowledged that as a commissioner, you were deeply involved in legislation, researching, providing in-depth feedback and developing many of the key opinions that contained in the small business commission
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recommendations. that was highly valued by staff. i want to definitely think you for that. and then also as a commissioner, your commitment to attending the small business meetings throughout the city. and to the broader community. he showed the example of how business persons can contribute to the overall vitality of san francisco. we want to express the great appreciation on behalf of staff and you are welcome to add any comments. [applause] >> it has been an honor serving with you for the last year and is appropriate, the first to my spoke with you we talked about loans and revolving loan funds and tonight we voted on a revolving loan fund. it is so appropriate on your last night. i want to say it has been an honor and privilege to serve with you. it has been fun.
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i have appreciated your thoughts and feedback on this commission and i want to thank you. >> thank you. >> i would also like to thank you for being out there as my companion many times and all the outreach to small business. every banquet, where there. i appreciate your leadership in that. i would have rather stayed home many a time and give me that nudge. you contributed in getting out there into the community and letting them know that the small business commission is here for them. thank you for that. >> thank you, commissioners. thank you very much. >> we do have a gift from la casina for you.
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>> i will take this moment to acknowledge the commissioners who served and we were not able to say goodbye to. i think every single person who serves on this commission bring something unique, their unique perspective, their history, and something of value to the commission that the small business community really appreciates. and when you apply yourself to the work of the commission and you bring your point of view forward, it helps us out there. i appreciate it as a small business woman and many people appreciate it as well.
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>> item 14. election of vice-president of the small business commission. this allows the commission to elect a member to serve as vice president fred requires a motion of both directors. did you want to introduce this? >> just to remind the commissioners of the procedures we used. the commission secretary will call for nominations. nominees are welcome to provide their statements. and followed by commissioners who would like to make statements in support. we will hold public comments and finally the secretary will take roll-call vote in the order of
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nomination. of course the first commissioner who receives more votes from each respective -- this particular position will be the individual elected to the office. >> commissioner riley. commissioner riley: i nominate commissioner dooley. >> i nominate mark dwight. >> now we move into the nomineese are -- can provide a statement and then
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commissioners, and then public comment. >> thank you to commissioner riley for nominating me. very much appreciated. as most of you will now listening in on these hearings or attending them, i was president for the last year. it was a privilege and honor and one that -- in order to continue to serve in a capacity that helps with the president, working with items on the agenda. helping the small business commission continue the good work it does. during the year rose president, sometimes the points are made by some that this commission does not matter, it does not matter to the upper echelons of power brokers in this building which i never agree with.
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most of all the supervisors, jane kim, carmen chu, mark farrell, john, campos, all have testified during my tenure. mayor lee even went so far as to recommend a charter amendment for this commission to give more weight. it is clearly relevant. as was testified by some people who came and spoke in support of the recommendation they acknowledged this commission matters for a much to the small business community. i really look forward to continuing the good work of this commission and being part of it for the next year. thank you. >> >> i am honored by
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commissioner dooley's nomination. i think as a new member here, i would prefer an opportunity to get my feet wet first period and spent some time understanding all that goes into this job as a commissioner, let alone out -- a position of responsibility. i would like to reserve this for some other time if you do not mind. president adams: any other commissioner comments? commissioner clyde: i still really have strong reservations about the process of this election and the selection of the executive team for the commission. there will be to commissioners
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seated next month. i believe this commissioners should have a chance to win. i am extremely concerned about the breadth of the commission. i am concerned that its focus will be narrowing and not expanding. without the commissioners to happen to come from the board of supervisors side, i do not feel comfortable going forward. that being said, i think it would be more appropriate to continue the item and wait until a full commission is seated. commissioner dooley: i would echo that.
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we are down a number of commissioners and they need to be here to vote on this. there will be here working with the president and the vice- president. i also want to comment that i find it disturbing that it would be put out there that on a commission where we are all equally qualified that there would be no one else qualified to be vice-president but the person who was president before. i believe that luke did a fantastic job as the president. i feel that it is sending the wrong message to the community out there that there is basically only to people qualified to hold executive positions here. i would agree with janet clyde. i would prefer to wait until the whole new commission is in place. president adams: thank you. do we have public comment? if you can line up on the
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sidewalk. public comment will be limited to three minutes. if you could please speaker name clearly into the microphone. >> where does tony bennett, i am going to stay the night. i would like to congratulate stephen adams as the president for this year. think you were great vice- president. i would like to welcome commissioner dwight to the commission. i am pleased to speak to the commission. i have been a small-business owner for 35 years in san francisco and if the payroll each of these years. i'm the founding member of sfcrg. i am finishing up my sixth year
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of commissioner on the building inspection commission. i know what you guys do. you work for a hard and spend a lot of time. crg was exclusively -- we promote small business. that is our function. i was motivated to come here this evening because of disagreements that i listened to 1 tb last month were you guys have this commission meeting. he acted like a couple of kids fighting over a toy. -- you acted like a couple of kids fighting over a toy. that was uncalled for.
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as far as looking is concerned, look is a business partner of mine. i know how hard looluke worked last year. we happened to bne mar -- be married to sisters. i listened to the complaints and how busy he is. he is doing a great job for the next 12 months as an able assistant to commissioner adams. that is all have to say. thank you. >> good evening. rodrigo sanchez, a business owner. this


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